My figurative paintings explore the sensations of the female body through themes of fertility, maternity, and the monstrous feminine (which emphasizes the female reproductive body as the core of the monstrous, pitting it against patriarchal views). I am inspired by folklore and classical mythology, while the details of my paintings often reference my own body and background. I draw from my upbringing (especially my origins on a cranberry farm in New England) as well as literature, dance, and costume. In my paintings, wanton figures of myth and fairytale perform a sumptuous dance between the maternal and the grotesque. The body is often subsumed in pregnancy, postpartum, or caregiving while maintaining a certain burlesque attitude.

I use alternative media and surfaces to emphasize a visceral mark. The spill of acrylic ink on translucent matte drafting film (a.k.a. mylar) refers back to the body permeating beyond its own boundaries. I often use myself as my model, creating a private performance for my camera, spurred by specific images or words, reenacting a story or thought through movement and expression.